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Presentation at the 3-Country-Conference “Politics of Diversity” in Innsbruck on Sep. 20th, 2013

This week I’ll be presenting my analysis of the fragmentation of the public sphere from the perspective of the Austrian citizens at the 3-Country-Conference “Politics of Diversity” in Innsbruck (on Friday, Sep. 20th). Based on a secondary analysis of a standardized survey on the usage of all 68 Austrian general news media (print, TV, radio and online) I can show that 17 percent of the Austrian citizens are either only precariously or not at all connected to the Austrian public sphere via news media. By expanding the opportunity-ability-motivation-model (Luskin, 1990) with an additional dimension (=trust) to account for the particular characteristics of public connection or news exposure as a form of political participation, I have developed a theoretical model to explain the different degrees of public connection: The duty to keep informed as well as talking with others about politics emerge as key predictors of public connection. Furthermore, disconnected citizens are characterized by a distinct lack of trust in both the political system and the media.

Please follow the link for the conference programme.

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