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Third prize at the Best-Paper-Award of the Reception and Effects Reserach-Section of the German Communikation Association

More prizes, yeah!

My colleague Kati Förster and I have been awarded the 3rd prize in the Best-Paper-Award of the recetion and effects research section of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) for our contribution: “The role of cross media theme repertoires for the identity work of young adults”. Please have a look at the preprint version of our article: Here (in German).

The close relationship between media and identity has been the subject of many theoretical discussions and empirical studies in recent years, in particular given the growing mediatisation and ongoing changes in our habits of media use. The contribution focuses on the role of cross media theme repertoires in the identity work of young adults. The analysis is based on media diaries by 59 students over a period of four weeks. The 15.000 moments of medis use documented in these were used to identify four different types of theme repertoires: News aficionados, sport fans, drama lovers and intense media workers. In addition the weekly reflections of participants allowed us to investigate how the different media contents are used for identity practices within these groups.

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