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Presentation on “Exploring news content complexity using network analysis” at ICA

At the ICA preconference on “Social & Semantic Networks in Communication Research” my team is presenting a methodological paper on the usefulness of network analysis for exploring the complexitiy of news content. Using our dataset on political claims in the coverage of the Austrian 2013 national election campaign, the analysis employs the network measures density, centralization and heterogeneity to show that while the issue coverage of quality papers does appear to be more complex than that of tabloid papers, the actor networks display no systematic differences in complexity between the two types of newspapers. Check out the conference paper at the preconference website.

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Open position for postdoctoral researcher!

The Swiss National Fond has approved funding for a research proposal submitted by Mike S. Schäfer (University of Zurich) and me! The project will investigate the transnationalization of public spheres in the debate on climate policy in 16 countries worldwide. Currently we are looking for a post-doctoral researcher experienced in standardized and if possible also automated content analysis, the position is for two years and is situated at the University of Zurich.

For more information on the position, please contact me or have a look at the job description here

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