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Article on Intermedia Agenda Setting in Journalism

Most intermedia agenda setting studies only look at a particular part of the news enviroment. But based on our extensive AUTNES data set we (Ramona Vonbun, Klaus Schönbach and I) were able to map intermedia agenda setting processes for the complete news environment of a country before the national election: Analysing 38 newspapers, TV news broadcasts, news websites and the major wire service through semi-automatic content analysis and time series analysis we were able to show that intermedia agenda setting processes occur, despite previous evidence to the contrary, even in election times. Additionally, a medium’s opinion-leader role depends strongly on issue-specific characteristics, such as obtrusiveness and proximity, mediating the intermedia agenda-setting process. And the traditional role of print media as intermedia agenda-setters is found to be challenged by online news sites. Please check out the full article Online-First at Journalism.

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