New book out on media convergence and media complementarity!

Out now: the book “Media convergence and media complementarity from the perspective of media reception and effects research” (in German), edited by my colleague Kati Förster and myself:

Media convergence and media complementarity – How are individual habits of media use affected by the convergence in technology and content of previously independent media channels? How do information media repertoires change and how do these changes affect the issue agendas of their users? Will the media still be able to fulfill their integration function under these new circumstances? In answer to these and other questions, the contributions in this edited volume discuss the theoretical, methodological, and empirical challenges of media convergence and media complementarity for research on media use and media effects.

With contributions by: Uwe Hasebrink, Birgit Stark, Anna Schnauber, Cornelia Wolf, Damian Trilling, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw, Claudia Wilhelm, Wolfgang Seufert, Merja Mahrt, Gianna Haake, Judith Väth, Sarah Klappert, Anke Wonneberger, Susanne E. Baumgartner, Wouter D. Weeda, Mariëtte Huinzinga and Kati Förster

Download the complete table of contents here, or simply order the book here.

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